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Accounting, tax prep, payroll, and more – no matter what accounting service you need, you’ll find them at our Ashland office. Our staff is incredibly friendly and relatable, so you always feel welcomed, respected, and treated like your family.


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Nathan Ditz, CPA in Ashland Ohio

Nathan Ditz

Certified Public Accountant

Our Expert CPA and Partner with 15 Years of Experience, Bringing a Vinyl Spin to the World of Finance.

Linda Carver, CPA in Ashland Ohio

Linda Carver

Certified Public Accountant

The Tax Trailblazer with a Passion for Road Trips and Uncovering Treasures

Lisa Armstrong - CPA in Ashland Ohio

Lisa Armstrong

Certified Public Accountant

The Tax Virtuoso with 40 Years of Experience and a Taste for Sweet Collectibles

Jaime Householder

Jaime Householder


The Gateway Guardian and Geocaching Extraordinaire at Armstrong, Ditz & Associates

Cindy Riley - Staff Accountant in Ashland Ohio

Cindy Riley

Staff Accountant

The Financial Pro with a Love for Literature and Office Oaths

Tami Kanuch - Staff Accountant - Ashland Ohio

Tami Kanuch

Staff Accountant

The Numbers Ninja with a Passion for Needles, Nascar, and Football Fervor

Jennifer Clark - Staff Accountant - Ashland Ohio

Jennifer Clark

Staff Accountant

The Accounting Ace with a Need for Speed and an Affinity for Collecting Lighthouses

Cindy Armstrong - Staff Accountant - Ashland Ohio

Cindy Armstrong

Staff Accountant

The Accounting Maven with an Adventurous Side

Cindy Daniels - Staff Accountant in Ashland Ohio

Cindy Daniels

Payroll Specialist

The Payroll Maestro with a Knack for Crochet and Road Trip Adventures

Charlene Zimmerman

Charlene Zimmerman

Balancing Numbers, Balloons, and Community Hearts

Forrest L Conrad, Jr

Certified Public Accountant

The CPA Extraordinaire and Community Dynamo

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